What The World Needs Now: Kindness, Community & Positivity

Kindness, gratitude, humanity, and positivity will always be at the forefront of what we do at BoldBody, and our community is on a mission to spread goodness throughout the world. It's important to nurture a state of gratitude as often as possible so that when hard times come, we are equipped to handle whatever the situation with an intense amount of kindness, love, understanding, compassion and respect. 

What happens when the whole world is flipped upside down, forced to slow down and you are left out of routine, and unsure of what's to come? How do we harness kindness, mindfulness, gratitude in times of confusion, fear, hardships and uncharted times?

In light of the current state of worldly affairs, here are a few thoughts that I want to share with our community.

Community is everything. 

When you have the option to support a local business who has been impacted, do so without hesitation. We have a social responsibility to help one another through hard times so that when we come out on the other side, we are stronger and more united than other. Here are some ways to #supportlocal 

  • Buy gift cards in advance to your favorite restaurant or workout studio to use when the dust settles
  • Order takeout / delivery from your local watering hole
  • Treat yourself to a new boldbody workout outfit to make your at-home sweat sessions more fun
  • If you choose to get coffee out, do so at a local cafe instead of a opting for your normal Starbucks or Dunkins order
  • Shop at your local grocer instead of a big box store
  • Support your local fitness instructors who are offering virtual workouts

Use technology to your advantage.

Solidarity can be difficult for many, so be sure to check in on your people. We all handle situations differently, and it's imperative that we take care of one another now more than ever. We are lucky to live in times where technology allows us to remain accessible and connected to the world. Schedule FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts to keep up with your social life. Here are some ideas for how to connect from afar: 

  • Plan a virtual dinner or happy hour with your girls.
  • Choose a book and plan a virtual book club. Host calls every few days to chat about the book, and to get some face to face time.
  • Plan a Skype coffee date with a few friends and ask everyone to find one positive news article to share
  • Support your local fitness instructors who are unable to teach in person. Book virtual workouts with them. Don't hesitate to support the instructors financially (use $ you'd otherwise spend at the bar towards supporting your people). We must navigate new waters together and united as one.

Being kind is more important now than ever.

We all have the choice to be kind, and it's important that we treat ourselves others with kindness and respect. Here are a few ways to be kind 

  • Offer your assistance to those who are unable to assist themselves. Think elderly people who are more susceptible to illness. Drop groceries at their front porch or share a simple wave from the front door.
  • Only purchase what you need. Panic breeds panic. Leave food, paper goods, water, and other resources for other people.
  • Say thank you to people you know who are actively in this fight. Think nurses, doctors, pharmacy and grocery workers. A little "thank you" can go a long way.

Take the opportunity to get back to the basics.

The universe is in control. Take this time to get back to the basics and remember who you are, who/what you love, and what makes you happy. Here are some ideas if you're searching:

  • Pick up old habits that have been lost from social media
  • Plan daily family sit down meals
  • Play board games
  • Start journaling. How do you feel daily? What new things did you try? How are your family and friends? 
  • Take walks outside and reconnect with nature
  • Cook or bake a new meal
  • Clean your house! Spring is right around the corner, get ahead of your spring cleaning

    I believe that things happen in this world to teach us lessons, keep us humble and remind us of what is truly important in life. While we don't know what the future holds, find comfort in knowing that we are all in this together. If we all focus on being kind, grateful, smart, and educated, then we will come out stronger, and as one. If you are struggling with digesting current affairs, know that you're not alone. Our community and family at BoldBody is here for one another - today and always.

    I'm forever thankful to have the BoldBody community as well as my friends and family to keep me grounded during this time. I'm blowing kisses & sharing hugs to everyone from a far.

    With love and compassion,



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