Embracing Our New Normal & The Power Of A Positive Mindset

What week are we on? What day is it again? Who knows, but what I do know is that this sh*t is tough, I mean really tough.  There's no getting around the fact that when you're suddenly thrown out of your routine and into a future of unknowns, life can be difficult and scary.

I mean honestly, what TF is going on?

I'm an overly optimistic and positive person; that's just the way that I've been my whole life. Yet, I'm finding myself having a hard time finding the positives in this SHITTY situation, but I continue to force myself to really dig and look for them knowing that they ARE there. You know, that's the thing about having a positive mindset - you know that not every day is wonderful, but there are wonderful pieces in every day.

Take today for example, I woke up in somewhat of a funk and feeling quite sorry for all of us. I crave seeing my people, I yearn to hug my best friends, I dream of going on a date night with my husband, Mark, I need my "normal" back. But the reality is that none of those are attainable right now and that quite honestly throws me off. But you know that is attainable? I can schedule time to see my people virtually, I can pick up the phone and call or FaceTime my best friends, and I can spend more quality time with Mark without the distractions of being in a public space. You see, when you shift your mindset, you can oftentimes find peace within the mayhem.

I'm finding myself slowing down and picking up hobbies that I used to love, but suddenly didn't have time for any longer. I'm journaling, writing, cooking, baking, going for long walks, hunting for sea glass, playing board games, trying to learn new card games, reading, and connecting with old friends just to name a few. I find myself thinking "when did I become so busy that I lost the ability to really enjoy these simple things in life that bring me SO much joy and peace?" Maybe you're feeling the same way, and if that's the case, then I hope you feel gratitude in having the time to actually do things that feed your soul, and nurture your being.  And if you're not feeling the same sense of gratitude in the slow down, then I urge you to write down three things that you've done, re-introduced, or started since the start of this pandemic. I think you'll start to look at things differently and you can truly find the beauty in things that were once overlooked. 

Here are some things that have become my "new normals". I wanted to share these with you because oftentimes, "shit-uations" like these can make us feel isolated and like we're simply not doing enough. So if you find yourself saying "same, girl!" to any of the below, then I hope it brings you peace in knowing you're not alone and you're doing just fine. Here it goes: 

  • My office is now my whole house. Bed, closet, kitchen table, couch, outside -- you name it. And 9-5 is not a thing (but honestly, that's never been a thing for me)
  • My "work" wardrobe almost always consists of boldbody leggings and a baggy sweatshirt or sweater & ultra cozy slippers.
  • There are no such things as set meal times anymore. 1pm? Sounds like a good time for breakfast.
  • Weekends very easily blend into week days. I find myself winding down every day with a glass of wine; something that used to be saved for the weekends.
  • My living room is now my workout studio. Burpees on rug? You betcha. Sculpting that booty with a chair as a "barre"? Damn right. (shoutout to all of the amazing instructors who are doing amazing at virtual coaching & helping to keep us all sane)
  • Zoom calls on the reg. I love being able to connect with friends, take workout classes, play games, and simply "BE" with others.
  • Dessert is a nightly thing. I deserve to enjoy things that taste good and make me feel good
  • Bedtime is earlier, wake up time is whenever. I'm not setting any alarms. But, that's ok, because we have no where to rush to/from.

As the saying goes "life is tough, but we are tougher." My task for you today is to write down 2 things that you're grateful to have and still be able to do during these times - your health, family, roof, meals, fur babys, human babys, etc. You see, the beauty of life is oftentimes in the things that we easily take for granted, and sometimes it just takes a shift in our mindsets to realize that.

In the midst of all this chaos remember that you are loved, this is temporary and together, we will make it through these tough times.


Here are a few highlights from my past few weeks being #SafeAtHome:

.  .  


 (Top left to bottom right: Virtual barre with Thalia (@Thalia_p), happy hour with the family, coffee date with the girls, grilling with Chris & Mark, sweaty selfie after completing my 50th ride on Peloton, first homemade sourdough bread)

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LOVE THIS PERSPECTIVE my queen <3 You’re amazing. My 2 gratitudes today:

1. Access to gym equipment to create a garage gym where I can (attempt to) continue working out / lifting weights
2. Cozy AF blankets I literally carry from room to room and where as a robe, because #whyTFnot

Let’s hop on a call soon. love you to Mars & back.

Kaili Meyer May 06, 2020

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