6 Date Ideas For Your Next Girls Night Out

Gal pals are worth celebrating all the time. But since we’re heading into March, aka Women’s History Month, we thought what better time to share some of our favorite Girl’s Night (or day) Date Ideas?

Saturdays might be “for the boys,” but that’s only because the girls are busy…

Bottomless Brunches

There’s no time like brunch-time. Breakfast food + your favorite girls + bottomless bubbly = perfection. Use sites like Zagat to find the best brunch spots in your city and get sippin’. Our best advice? Monthly brunch dates. Mark them on your calendar and clear your schedule—you’ve got pancakes to eat.

Sweat Sesh

Why pick between working out and hanging out when you can do both? Grab your gal pals and hit a new workout class together (use classpass to save cash). Not only are you showing your bodies some love, but you’re motivating each other and probably getting in a good laugh—try watching your best friend shake it in Zumba without giggling.


Baking Competition

Head to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients for your favorite cakes—it’s competition time. Except the only competition is who can dig their fork in first. Sometimes all we need is to indulge shamelessly in our favorite desserts surrounded by our best friends while we gab about the latest celebrity gossip.


Marathon Time

Movie marathon that is… Call your favorite girls over and have them bring 3 things: snack foods, wine, and their coziest pair of leggings. Clear the couch and flip on Netflix (or Hulu, no judgement here), rip open the snacks, pop the cork, and snuggle up—you’re not leaving the couch until this marathon is properly run (we mean watched…)


Dream Team

Remember when “dream boards” were the thing? You’d cut pictures out of magazines and paste sayings like “Dream Big!” onto poster boards then hang them on your wall for motivation? This is the adult version of that (though we still love dream boards!) Get your crew together and share your latest projects and biggest dreams. Bounce ideas off of each other and motivate one another. Bonus points if you pick accountability partners and vow to stand by until every last dream is reached.


Road Trip

Sometimes making time for travel can be tough—adults have to work unfortunately, ugh. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hop in the car for an impromptu road trip to a nearby town. A quick Google search should give you an idea of where to go and sites like Airbnb can help with the details. Our favorite spots for Boston-babes? Cape Cod and Kennebunkport. Pssst: let us know when you go! We’re hopping in.


Great friendships literally make you healthier and help you live longer—so any excuse to get together with the girls is good enough for us. Give these Girl’s Night Date Ideas a go and don’t forget to snap some pics and tag us on Instagram! (And send us an invite if you feel inclined).

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