7 Ways to Make Friends in a New City

Moving to a new city can be one of the most exciting and challenging things you ever do. It takes courage and the willingness to be BOLD—so congrats babe, you’re doing big things. 

But it can also feel a little lonely at first, especially if you don’t know many people in the area. No worries, with a little effort and an open heart you’ll be making friends in no time. You might as well clear your calendar now to make room for the happy hours, cycling classes, and dinner dates you’ll have soon. Because if you follow these 7 steps, your friend roster will be bursting with bold babes before your next order arrives. 

Make Friends-of-Friends

You might not know anyone in your new city, but odds are someone you know knows someone—all you have to do is ask. Social media makes this incredibly easy, simply make a post saying where you’re off to and ask people to tag their friends in that area, voilà. The key is actually following up on those connections and making it a point to reach out and meet up. Not on social media? You can replicate this process in person, it might just take a little longer.  

Visit Local Shops and Cafes 

One of the best ways to get to know the character and soul of your new city is by visiting local shops and cafes. Not only can you pick up a few cute things for your new home (shop local!), you can ask for recommendations of groups in the area that interest you. Often, these shops have fliers promoting upcoming events—don’t ignore them—take some time to read a few and see if any sound interesting, then show up and get connecting. 

Wear BoldBody 

People are drawn to bold, exciting, kind people—and if you love BoldBody, we’re confident that’s you. Before you run out to explore your new home, throw on your favorite BoldBody set and a smile—we promise you’ll spark a few conversations and land a couple new acquaintances. Plus, you’ll look dang good while doing it.

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Utilize Social Media 

Social media has made connecting with strangers all over the globe easier than ever. And though we don’t encourage you meeting up with Joe from some chat room, we do encourage you to utilize social media in a safe, fun way. You have a few options. Facebook lets you search “Friends that live in (insert city here)” to see if any of your friends already live in your new city, and Instagram’s geotagging feature makes it super easy to browse local posts looking for anyone (or anywhere) that catches your eye. Then it’s time to get bold and reach out—in the non-creepiest way possible. 

Get Sweaty 

Workout classes are the quickest way to get super sweaty and super close to new people. The key is opening up and getting vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to say hi after class and ask someone on a friend date—or a real date if you’re feeling bold.  

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Join Meetup and Facebook Groups 

Meetup makes it easy to find people who love doing the same things you do (hiking, cycling, reading). Simply type in your city and a few preferences and you’ll have a potential friendship circle at your fingertips in no time. Facebook groups are another great opportunity to connect with like-minded people and learn more about your area. Head to the search bar and type in your city’s name with whatever type of group you’re looking for—odds are you’ll dig up something good. 

Be Open and Show Up

Fresh friendships require opening up and continuous effort. It’s time to shake off your fears and boldly step into your city confidently and full of love. When you meet someone—be the real you right off the bat. When someone invites you to something fun—say “yes!” And keep showing up, even when you’re tired and lonely and feel like staying home. Friendships are like plants—if you water them and feed them sunlight, they’ll bloom and grow—giving you a breath of fresh air along the way. 

If you’ve found yourself living in a new city and wondering how the heck you’re supposed to make friends, no worries babe—you’ve got this. Take a couple of deep breaths, play your ultimate pump-up song, and head out to find your new gal pals—they’re waiting for you. 

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